Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Sushi and Sashimi Feast Thanks to Sogo Supermarket Hong Kong

After a whole day of shopping and walking, our legs started to buckle and so we caved in and decided to buy sushi and sashimi from Sogo Supermarket in Causeway Bay and go back to the hotel. Even if it was just takeout from the grocery, I must praise Sogo for their food presentation and the freshness of the fish. It's actually even better than some Japanese restaurants back in the Philippines. And after going overboard, we spent a little more than we bargained for (around HKD$600!). I guess not a little but more like majorly carried away! But it was still worth it because we gave our aching feet a break and we ate really good food in the comforts of our room. =)

Here's some of the sashimi and sushi that we bought (I included the cover so that you can see the price and type of sashimi/sushi):

Not sure if this is made from seaweed but we grabbed it just the same and we LOVED it!
This one doesn't look quite appetizing but the shrimp was so sweet and fresh. I really recommend it.
Tamago Sashimi (It was watery and something we will NOT buy again) Sorry, price can't be seen and I don't remember the exact price.
That's all of it =)


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