Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Seryna & Sashimi: A Perfect Fit

On the spur of the moment, we decided to check out Seryna last Sunday because of the the raves we heard about this resto. Little did we know that it draws such a huge crowd. We were there quite early, around 11:15am, but they said that the tables were all reserved. We decided to try our luck and insisted that they put our name on the waiting list. We then passed the time by walking around the area but after coming back around 2-3 times and being told that there were still no available tables, I began to falter. I even told my husband that we should just eat somewhere else but he was adamant and so we waited and our persistence finally paid off. We got a table!!

I like the design and ambiance of the resto. It's simple yet modern. But how I wish they made the place bigger so that they had a bigger seating capacity.

Jam-packed on a Sunday

Check out the Japanese wines and the wooden design of the walls

For our appetizers, we ordered the following:

Edamame Php 90.00 - I was delighted to see this on their menu cuz I love edamame but I was surprised when they served it. The serving size was so small for the price we had to pay.

Salmon Sashimi Php235.00 - LOVED this! Very, very, very fresh and sweet!

Maguro Sashimi - Php215.00 Again, very, very, very FRESH! Hands down, Seryna knows their sashimi!

Tofu Wasabi Cream Salad - Php200.00 - Everyone liked this dish. Tofu served with a twist and the amount of wasabi was just right and it even cleared by clogged nostrils!

***Take Note: During lunch, Seryna offers bento lunch sets. Each set comes with salad, miso soup, rice, the main dish, a side dish (In our case, the side dish was radish. I have no clue what it's called but it was really tasty), and 2 slices of orange. We decided to get the sets since it offers good value for money and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was ordering it.***

The Famous Lunch Bento Sets

Kaisen Gozen - Php320.00 - The specialty and best seller of Seryna. The sashimi was served on top of radish and came with a bowl of Japanese rice. Definitely, a must try!

Makunouchi Bento Php485.00 - This bento box is perfect for those who want to try everything. It comes with tempura, grilled tuna, and sashimi.

Tonkatsu Gozen Php320.00 - The pork was very tender and juicy and crisp on the outside.

Tempura Gozen Php320.00 - This set came with 2 pieces of ebi tempura, fish tempura, mushroom tempura, and veggie tempura.

Tempura Soba - Php 315.00 - My daughter loved it and finished everything in the bowl but for the price, the bento lunch sets offers a more attractive and reasonable price.

Out of all the dishes we tried that day, I came to the conclusion that without a doubt, Seryna offers very fresh sashimi. It was juicy and moist and some of the best I've ever tasted. Can't wait to come back for more! And this time, I'll call ahead of time and make a reservation. =)

Seryna: (across Makati Cinema Square)
2277 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City
Tel No.: 894-3855 / 894-3853


heyais said...

So this is where Seryna is. Heard about this place a few months back and have been meaning to try it. Thanks for the feature! :)

cynthia said...

I will be the next visitor to come and dine with a special someone . . .the price is affordable, just like other japanese restaurants here in bangkok! of course, the taste of the food is heavenly, nourishing and soooo healthy!!japanese cuisine, love it!!

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Rikimaru said...

I've been looking for this kind of resto(Seryna) and convenience store (Choto Stop) for a lllooooonnngggg time !...I can say this blog of yours is really helpful and informative...Arigatou Gozaimashita !

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