Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jipan, a Japanese Bakery

I learned about Jipan through a friend last year. She kept raving about their Walnut bread and since I love bread, I decided to check it out. And true to her word, the walnut bread is really good and healthy too. It's made of whole wheat and has bits and pieces of walnut. Their bread is always freshly baked and very filling too. They also have a wide variety of breads, from sandwiches to pastries and loaves and they also have a dining area for those craving for Japanese food.

The walnut bread - Php100.00

Wide assorment of breads

Jipan, Japanese Bakery:

1. #220 Pilar St., Mandaluyong City
T: (632) 723-5517 / 718-3891

2. Upper Level, SM Megamall, Building A (near Toy Kingdom)
T: (632) 633-5990

3. 2nd Level, Glorietta 4
Ayala Center, Makati City
T: (632) 728-9442


gourmandtales said...

monroe bread is my fave here

sweetgiftsphilippines said...

wow i love japanese food!!!!! yummy......

Reyz said...

omg!!! melon pan!! where did you take this photo with melon pan?? what branch of jipan?? tnx! tnx so much! xoxo

Li Shengshun said...

The orange melon pan is very delicious! :)

Another of my favorites would be the green tea croissant...the taste and the crispiness of the bread really go well together!

My ultimate favorite would be the strawberry panna cotta though. :3

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