Monday, February 16, 2009

Shang Palace @ Makati Shangri-La Hotel

Shang Palace
Makati Shangri-La Hotel, 2nd Level
Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue
Makati City 1200
T: (63 2) 840 0884

Shangrila-La is well known around the world for their world class luxury hotels and impeccable service and when it comes to food, they also live up to their reputation. We ate at Shang Palace in Makati Shangri-La for lunch last Sunday. Everything about the Shangri-La made the dining experience very memorable. The intricate design on the walls and ceilings and the lighting of the restuarant made the ambiance really lovely. It was all very Chinese inspired yet modern and chic. Service, of course, was top notch. I wouldn't expect it any other way when it comes to Shang. The waiters were always on guard and changing our plates and refilling our tea cups.

And the food was absolutely heavenly!...Word of advice though, make sure you check the prices of the dishes that you plan to order. In our case, we just ordering the suggestions of the manager so when we got the bill, let's just say we were quite taken aback.

Lovely ambiance at Shang Palace

We started off with a couple of appetizers (from top to bottom): Fried Wanton, Fish Fillet, and Breaded Squid. These three cost Php450.00.

Sharksfin Crabmeat Soup Php1010.00/per bowl

Taro Puff Php195.00

Hakaw Php210.00 (It's 4 pieces, not 3 )

Deep-Fried Spareribs Php1315.00

Fresh Scallops with Vegetables Php2228.00 - The scallops were so tender and plump. One of the best that I've ever tried.

How Prawn Salad Php1470.00 - Crispy and oh so yummy!

Seafood with Crispy Noodles Php540.00 - Very generous servings of seafood

Steamed Red Lapu-Lapu Php4172.00 (for 700 grams) - LOVED this one! The fish was so soft, fresh, juicy, tender and sweet. It was soooo literally out of this world but so was the price..hehehe...

Yang Chow Fried Rice Php505.00 (the waiter divided it into small bowls) - The chef could have used more seasonings since it was a little bland for me.

I love, love, LOVE dining in Shangri-La hotel. The service, ambiance, even the smell of the whole place, presentation of food, and most especially, the QUALITY of the dishes are excellent. It makes eating a truly delightful and memorable experience.


Anonymous said...

gosh! so DEEElicious and so EXXXXXpensive! :)

mikky said...

it's true they serve good chinese food, but sometimes, with their price, you can go to other chinese restaurant like gloria maris and you'll get as good if not better at a cheaper price, just a thought... :)

mikky said...

it's true they serve good chinese food, but sometimes, with their price, you can go to other chinese restaurant like gloria maris and you'll get as good if not better at a cheaper price, just a thought... :)

Dess said...

Hi Mikky. Actually, we are regular customers at Gloria Maris. I love their food too. You should also try Choi Garden and Annapolis Seafood Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

everything you guys ordered looks so delish... and you're right the prices are a bit steep though

Anonymous said...

Wow that scallop dish costs $58AUD converted. Too expensive. For that serving for that dish will cost $25 max here in Melbourne. WOW

Shiene @ hotels makati city said...

Wow, I am really craving for this kind of food and I think they are very delicious but too much expensive. Knowing also that Shangri-La is well known around the world for their world-class luxury hotels. Like you I want to experience also here and eat to Shang Palace. Thank you because you shares on us your wonderful experienced.

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