Thursday, February 17, 2011

Camp John Hay: A Home Away From Home

Last weekend, we decided to take a long drive to Baguio to have a breathe of fresh air and to basically just get away from it all. And with the SCLEX, it made Baguio all the more accessible. It only took us 4 and a half hours but left Q.C. area at 430am so that probably explains why there was not as much traffic. So after a long drive, we finally made it and we knew we made the right choice when we arrived at our destination.

The front of the forest cabin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting the Day Right at Apartment 1B

My husband and I had a sudden craving for a sumptuous and hearty breakfast and so we decided to head to Apartment 1B. I was especially looking for Eggs Benedict and I knew that Apartment 1B offered this on their menu. It was definitely a sure winner for me with the English muffins, Canadian ham, and the perfectly cooked egg topped with lemon-caper hollandaise.

Eggs Benedict PHP410.00 - Whole Wheat English muffins, lemon caper hollandaise, home fries with Canadian ham and spinach. You can also opt to have it with smoked salmon and spinach at PHP630.00.