Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great, Affordable Food @ Mister Kabab

I drive by West Ave, Quezon City at least twice a week and every single time, I always see a crowd in Mister Kabab. At first glance, I didn't think much of the place since the exterior is very simple. But the parking is always full and I heard some of my relatives raving about the place so I finally decided to check it out last weekend.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was surprised by the size. It was bigger than I thought. And considering that it was only 11am, the place was already half full with people. Like the name suggests, they serve kebabs and shawarmas...basically, Mediterranean food.

For starters, I got the hommus(PHP55.00) and 2 pita breads (PHP14.00/pc). This is always the norm for us when we eat at a Mediterranean resto cuz my kids absolutely love bread and I love hommus. And you can't beat the price!

I decided to order the house special for my kids, which is the Chelo Kebab (PHP130.00). It's a combination of grilled ground beef and the other is a grilled tenderloin strip. It comes with steaming hot rice topped with a block of butter (not for the weight watchers but this was definitely a hit with my kids!) and 2 grilled tomatoes. In case you're wondering where the butter is, I mixed it in with the rice. We were about to dig in when I remembered that I wanted to take a pic so I attempted to put it back together again just the way it was first served. My kids found the meat kinda chewy but it was just right for me, especially with the super yummy garlic sauce.

I got the flafel sandwich (it's vegetarian) PHP80.00 and it was really good! It's made of ground spiced chickpeas shaped into balls and fried. It tastes even better when you smother the complimentary garlic sauce all over the sandwich..YUM!..It's actually served like a shawarma...all wrapped up but I opened it up so that you can see what's inside.

I was really happy with our trip there. The food was great and for everything that we ordered, I only paid PHP288.00! It's not fine dining and the plates and cutlery are simple but it's clean ...even the restroom was clean and that's always plus points for me! A word to the wise though, parking can become a problem but there's extra parking spaces in the back. I would definitely go back again...authentic food at super reasonable prices....definitely worth the trip and the extra calories!


iona said...

looks yuuuumy!!!

go girl! i love reading your blogs. it's just like chatting with you. see ya around.... my cutie pie friend! mwah!

Anonymous said...

wow..first time ko makita na walang masyadong tao sa mister kebab. usually when i go there....jammed pack lagi.

Anonymous said...

authentic? that is an overstatement if you have tasted the ones perpared in its original place.

jotan23 said...

their ox brain is the best!!!!

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