Friday, January 30, 2009

Lunch Date @ Arya

Once a month, I meet up with some of my dear friends for lunch. We usually meet up in the Greenhills area for everyone's convenience. Since we've confined ourselves to this area, we have tried most of the 'talked-about' restaurants and it finally came to the point, "Where next?" One of us suggested Arya, located in Promenade Mall, near Greenhills Shopping Center. Some of us were skeptical at first but after today, all those doubts and concerns have been completely wiped out.

The frontage of Arya

Arya has been awarded as one of the Philippines' Best Restaurants 2007 by Tatler

I LOVE the interior of the restaurant. I felt like I was transported to Iran. Actually, I never had any first hand encounter with the Persian culture but the paintings, tables, seats, choice of music playing in the background, and the structure and the design of the walls all contributed to the very Persian ambiance.

Arya offers honest to goodness authentic Persian food, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Mediterranean dishes. The chef uses a mixture of different kinds of flavors and spices to create these wonderful dishes.

Salad Couscous (Php125.00)

We started off our meal with Roti Chenni (Php215.00) - whole wheat unleavened flat bread, pan-fried and served with curry sauce.

Royal Joojeh ( Php345.00) - Chicken breast kabab marinated with yogurt and spices and served with rice or pita bread. Take note of the 2 grilled tomatoes served with this dish. After it was served in front of us, the waiter took the 2 pieces of tomato and mashed it with their complimentary garlic and spicy sauce.

Mix the chicken and the mashed tomatoes together and you get pure bliss! The sauce was just too good. There was a little hint of spiciness and garlic and the flavors just blended really well together. I can't wait to come back for more!!!

Beef Makhsus (Php355.00) - Their beef kabab was juicy and soft and like the previous dish, the waiter took the tomatoes and mashed them up to create the very special and yummy sauce.

Mahi-Mahi Kabab (Php 360.00) - Two of my friends ordered this dish and they wouldn't stop raving about it. I'll order this next time and yup, you guessed it, the waiter took the tomatoes for this dish as well to mash it up and make the sauce. The mashed tomato sauce really adds an extra "Oomph!" to the kabab dishes. Give me some pita bread and the mashed tomato sauce, and I'll be one happy camper.

Keema (Php235.00) - Minced meat flavored with spices, perfect with pita bread.

Chicken Curry (Php350.00)

Basmati Rice - This came with the chicken curry.

Turkish Coffee (Php140.00) - I love the presentation for the Turkish coffee! And the aroma and taste of the coffee were really good! A nice way to end the meal.

Out of all the Middle Eastern restaurants I have tried in Manila, Arya, by far, is the best for me. Everything was very authentic and the ingredients were all fresh. Service was great and I love the ambiance!!!


Anonymous said...

looks good.. I'm a Filipina married to an Indian and were based here in India.. we are coming to the Philippines some time next year.. I've been looking online for places where we can eat halal food.. this place looks good but I think its ridiculously expensive. Maybe I am just comparing the prices to the ones they have here which is like less than half of the prices quoted above.

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